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Jungfrau 20 Peanut

Jungfrau 20 Peanut

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Der Jungfrau 20 Peanut ersetzt das Modell Jungfrau 19 Peanut. kybun’s Outdoor- und Wanderschuh bürgt für sicheren Halt auf Ihren Wanderungen, ob mit oder ohne Schnee, und lässt jeden Meter zum Genuss und zum Erlebnis werden. Das gut isolierte Innenfutter sowie das wasserabweisende Aussenmaterial halten die Füsse jederzeit warm und trocken. Der Jungfrau 20 Peanut hat zudem eine herausnehmbare PU-Sohle und ist damit Ihr idealer Begleiter für Spaziergänge und Wanderungen bei jedem Wetter.
Artikel Nummer: AW097A
Erhältliche Grössen: EU 34 1/3 – 43
Obermaterial: Nubuckleder und Gummi
Futter Material: Mesh
Innensohle: Mesh
Sohle: PU, Strato Outdoor
Switzerland Swiss Made Shoe width: Standard Sole type Strato Outdoor With insole.
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Springy like a trampoline

Springy like a trampoline

The kybun shoe will impress you from the very first step. Just like a trampoline, it provides you with a relaxing and training effect all in ONE! The elastic springy sole trains and relieves your body at the same time. Put on your kybun shoes and start walking, enjoy the unique feeling and benefit from an integrated training experience.

The elastic springy trampoline effect offers the best quality and healthiest exercise you can find! As with the vital elements in nutrition, the trampoline effect is the primary source of your exercise. Depending on the selected style, the sole has a more intense (higher rebound-effect) or lighter (lower rebound-effect) trampoline effect.

Strato Outdoor sole  - Your mini-trampoline

Strato Outdoor sole - Your mini-trampoline

The Jungfrau 20 Peanut has a Strato Outdoor sole and therefore a higher Rebound-Effect. By modifying the sole geometry of the Cumulus, the Strato Outdoor creates an even better walking feeling and rolling performance. In addition, the sole has a lug-soled profile for ideal support on rugged and loose ground. This sole is suitable for all types of surface due to increased traction and lateral stability. This type of sole offers maximum effect as well as the ultimate in training performance and absorption. The foot pressure is evenly distributed and the power supply is optimised. The elastic and springy material compensates for poor postures and misalignments and the full-length sole profile with larger contact area to the ground ensures optimal grip on any surface. 

Overview of kybun soles

Interchangeable Footbed (insole)

Interchangeable Footbed (insole)

has a interchangeable insole for optimal comfort and rebound-effect.

Swiss made

Swiss made

Swiss made - Sennwald

The Jungfrau 20 Peanut is produced in our own production facility in Sennwald. We manufacture the Swiss air-cushion shoe and its elastic springy sole largely by hand, using a process that includes up to 40 different steps by a dedicated workforce of skilled shoemakers and kybun's Swiss high-tech sole robot. Both production facilities (Switzerland an northern Italy) follow the exact same manufacturing processes. The Swiss factory is home to Research and Design and produces the majority of kybun shoes. It also comprises the kybun World where visitors can view the complete shoemaking process.

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