Why is the kybun shoe so expensive?

Lets be honest, kybun shoes are not cheap.

They cost a lot of money, especially for shoes.

We could make them cheaper, but if we did that, they would be cheap!


They wouldn't last as long as they do.

They wouldn't be crafted out of the finest materials in Switzerland and Italy.

They wouldn't make you feel like you're walking on air.

They wouldn't be medicinally beneficial to your joints and your posture as you walk.

They wouldn't be as comfortable.

They just wouldn't be kybuns!

Get your own kybun shoe

You are just one step away from a healthy and painfree lifestyle. In kybun shoes you walk on a soft, supple air cushion. You feel light as a feather and have a tremendous sense of pleasure. You will be a convert from the first step, and every further step you take will persuade you more. Have a look at our online shop.

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kybun trial shoes for 2 weeks

Still undecided? No problem, we are totally convinced about the benefits of our kybun shoes. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to get a kybun trial shoe and convince yourself about the effects of the elastic springy material. Get a kybun trial shoe for 2 weeks for just $30. It has never been easier to get pain free.

Order a kybun trial shoe now

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