With kybun you limp less

Active Walking

Limping reduced in many cases

Healthy walking is known to be very symmetrical. However, various orthopaedic conditions cause asymmetric gait patterns that lead to overuse and injuries, resulting from excessive use. This is why, therapists emphasize gait symmetry training during prevention and rehabilitation.

Although there is widespread agreement in practice that standing on unstable surfaces increases muscle activity, especially in the small supporting muscles, there is so far limited evidence of this effect in walking and limping.

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Pilot study confirms: In the kybun shoe you limp less

Walking with special elastic-sprung soles showed higher gait symmetry than walking with regular shoes in 81 % of the comparisons.

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Trampoline effect

The kybun trampoline mats

The elastic, resilient composition and its impulse-active buffer zone allows the foot to sink in deeply with optimal rebound.

kybun kybun mat

A kybun Mat Analysis

In the video a walk on a carpet and 1 minute later on the elastic springy kybun mat, demonstrating a significant reduction in limping.

kybun kybun shoe

A kybun shoe analysis

In this short video, a gentleman comes to kybun with a cane and left a few hours later, completely transformed by the kybun shoe.


Every healthy step counts

Every step we take is important for healthy movement, training muscles and maintaining good posture.

Pilot study with HGWR*

The aim of this pilot study was to quantify the effect of walking in shoes with a less stiff and elastic midsole construction on gait symmetry in flaccid patients.

This study indicates a direct beneficial impact of elastic-springy soles on an asymmetric walking pattern. Further systematic studies are planned to enhance understanding of how this works and to strengthen the supporting evidence.

Results and interpretation (PDF)
*University of Health Sciences Rhein-Neckar, Mannheim, Germany

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