Fall prevention - strengthen your balance with kybun


Fit and agile into old age

With increasing age, physical and mental performance decreases. For example, muscle strength, vision, hearing and reaction as well as physical coordination.

The desire for pain-free movement is great and becomes even stronger with increasing age, as it enables us to maintain our independence and vitality. The kybun products with their elastic, springy material support this desire by improving stability and stabilising the muscles.

The use of kybun shoes and mats not only improves the quality of walking, but also brings a motivating fun factor with every step.

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Keep active

In most cases, falls can be avoided. Regular exercise, managing your medication, eye care, and making your home safer are all important. An active lifestyle promotes the health of your body, ensures good balance, and provides a sense of comfort and security.

The Swiss health concept with kybun products

Slip Resistance

Optimized Slip Resistance

The kybun sole is certified for its non-slip properties, providing the essential feeling of security and support. Read more here.

Foot Pressure

Avoid overloading

The comparison on the foot pressure measurement plate: more even pressure distribution in the kybun shoe (below) compared to the conventional shoe.


Health-conscious exercise

kybun relieves tension through walking. In addition, blood and lymph circulation are activated and the pressure on the sole of the foot is more evenly distributed and therefore reduced.

A kybun nonagenarian

Professor Karl Hecht was a true advocate of the kybun shoe well into his 98th year. The highly regarded medical expert attributed much of his longevity to the unique shoe and described its superiority to conventional shoes as like “night and day”.

A proactive solution

The benefits and effectiveness of kybun

  • Regenerates the cartilage
  • Strengthens the stabilizing muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Promotes a better posture
  • Works against osteoporosis
  • Relieves back pain

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