kybun MechanoTherapy

kybun MechanoTherapy

Karl MullerIn the 1980s, Karl Müller of Switzerland discovered the health-enhancing benefits of walking on soft, supple clay soil while living among the paddy fields in Korea. To recreate this paddy-field feeling in everyday modern life, the engineer developed a shoe with a round sole ('MBT'). This wobbly sole was diametrically opposed to the shoe industry's basic principle of 'supporting, guiding, absorbing' and drew fierce criticism from science, medicine, and the shoe industry.


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From the rolling shoe to 'walk on air'

Thanks to its predominantly positive effect on the body, the round, wobbly sole became a worldwide success; more than 10 million pairs have been sold to this day. It turned thinking in the shoe industry upside-down and has now been copied by more than 100 companies (Skechers, etc) . 

But Karl Müller wanted more. He envisioned working on that perfect paddy-field feeling to make it part of everyday modern life, both when standing and walking; he believes the therapeutic effect is all the better the more perfectly the soft, supple feel of the paddy field is recreated for your feet. Consequently, he sold his share in MBT in 2006 and started right from scratch again with kybun.

The feel of soft, supple soil

The kybun MechanoTherapie, as developed by Karl Müller, is an empirical science which takes these facts into account and develops products that allow people to experience the wonderful feeling and benefits of soft, supple natural soil in everyday modern life. After years of research and development, Müller and his team managed to recreate the paddy-field feeling perfectly.

Standing on the soft, supple, springy surface of the kyBounder and walking on the air-cushioned sole of the kyBoot:

✔ exercises your feet
✔ keeps your body upright
✔ relaxes your muscles
✔ is kind on your joints
✔ relieves pressure on your veins

With the kyBoot, kyBounder and kyTrainer – a unique treadmill with a soft running belt – you can walk actively, automatically exercising the muscles of your feet and legs. The soft, supple material gives your feet full freedom of movement and strengthens them without tiring them out.

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