Free your feet from heel spur pain

With its elastic springy sole, the Swiss air cushion shoe from kybun allows an optimized distribution of pressure, preventing overloading in any one area and alleviating pain within the first few steps.

The unique technology of the shoe gently stretches and stimulates the plantar fascia. The kybun shoe helps by increasing the blood circulation in the affected area, which in turn promotes the supply of oxygen and ultimately the healing process.

Advantages and positive effects:
  • No specific pressure point due to the elastic springy sole
  • Optimized pressure distribution
  • Like walking on clouds
  • Relieves the painful area
  • Decisive stretching of the plantar fascia
  • Training of the foot muscles
  • Increases blood circulation to the affected area which improves recovery time
  • Active and thereby long-term healing of the heel spur