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How does the shoe help you?

Protects the joints

  • Protects the joints and relaxes the back muscles. Stimulates the foot receptors by "sensing" of the surface. Your body language improves!

Trains the foot

  • Trains the foot, leg and trunk muscles. Increases calorie consumption. You loose weight!

Activates the leg

  • Activates the leg vein pump. You'll get healthy leg veins with smooth, elastic walls that are perfectly designed to adapt to the changes in pressure within a vein.

The Kybun Shoe will help you with: Heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, knee arthrosis, achilles tendon problems, back pain, leg length difference, foot burning, 50+ more diseases.

Over 1 Million customers worldwide

Try 14 days

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – Wear kybun shoes 14 day – RISK FREE! Here’s how it works. We fit the customer in one of our special inventory of trial shoes. The customer leaves a $200 deposit, then wears the shoes in the real world for two weeks. At the end of the trial period, the customer can decide to purchase any new pair of shoes to which the $200 is applied. If the customers does not wish to purchase, the $200 deposit is refunded. NOTE: There is a $25 fee per week for keeping the trial shoes for more than two weeks.

Your feet are they key to a healthy & happy life!

Call us on: (601) 956-2896