Your feet are key to a healthy body

Most musculoskeletal problems, like back pain and knee pain, start at the feet.Weak feet do not provide a strong foundation for the body, causing excessive stress on the joints above. Think about it like this bottle:

On the left, the weak foundation causes instability. This forces the knees, hips, and back to work much harder to maintain balance and movement.

On the right, a strong foundation like a skyscraper effortlessly supports and relieves stress from the joints above.

It’s time for you to flip the bottle.

How? The elastic materials in kyBoot shoes help your feet get stronger. There are three main effects:

  1. Total foot support: the soft “walk-on-air” sole completely fills your feet, providing a supple, springy effect. This is dynamic and comforting, unlike static arch-supports. 
  2. Training of the entire foot: strength and coordination improve as the elastic material stimulates the muscles that control balance.
  3. Easing pressure and tension: Pressure is relieved and evenly spread across the entire foot. The muscles relax because they cooperate better. Your joints are saved from impacts and shocks.

Wearing the kyBoot as an everyday shoe improves posture and gait. It prevents the feeling of heavy, tired legs, and helps with a wide spectrum of complaints, from plantar fasciitis to neuropathic pain.

You will be able to walk better and stand effortlessly while improving your health with each step.
Below is an illustration of the air-cushion effect.

The feeling of wearing these shoes is literally like walking on air. You float weightlessly on your feet.

By wearing the kyBoot for just 1 week, you’ll notice a stronger and more stable foundation for your entire body. 6-8 weeks later you’ll start to get compliments on your upright posture and gait.

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