Heinz Egli continues his Via Alpina tour

Heinz Egli continues his Via Alpina tour

We catch up with kybun fanatic Heinz Egli in his kybun shoes on his epic journey along the Via Alpina with all its ups and downs.

Starting back in July, kybun enthusiast Heinz Egli is hiking a total of 1,500 km along the red Via Alpina trail, crossing six countries on foot. His goal is to finish in October 2021, so currently, he is on the home stretch having mastered almost 100% of the route. In Heinz's hiking diary, he reports on his exciting encounters, routes, and impressions along his way.

As a special highlight, he has been walking in the model Matterhorn 20 Dark Blue and the open model Pado Black on warmer days. kybun is delighted to accompany Heinz in spirit and on his feet during his adventurous trip. 

«Well rested, spirited and singing, I set off the next morning in the rain on the descent to San Carlo and what follows impresses me very much in what is reputed to be the steepest valley in the Alps: Wild, vertical valley walls, crashed boulders and intact village settlements. Amazing hiking trail, high plunging waterfalls, lush greenery!» 

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