A kybun strategy fit for «future generations»

A kybun strategy fit for «future generations»

kybun in Switzerland has utilized over 300 square meters of roof space at the headquarter building to install a modern solar photovoltaic system. 

A dedicated workforce, a growing sky lounge restaurant business, and thousands of e-mobile car owners can now benefit from green energy. The approximately 144 installed solar modules with the latest technology generate around 60-megawatt hours of electricity from renewable energy each year. In this manner, kybun saves 4.8 tonnes of CO2 per year, according to CEO Urs Koller. A big step in the direction of climate-friendly mobility is the public charging stations for electric cars at the company car park, which are powered by solar energy and are available both to the company's employees and to external e-mobile car owners.

At kybun's Swiss production site - in Sennwald - around 200-megawatt hours of solar power have already been produced and used annually since 2016. This means that over 60% of the electricity required for the entire Swiss shoe production can be generated from renewable energy sources.

 In addition to the fact that kybun produces a majority of its shoes in Switzerland, this sustainable step is also an important piece of the puzzle in a holistic, ecological, and «forward-thinking» strategy for the future. 

We only source leather from suppliers who adhere to the current requirements for the protection of people and the environment, and we also insist that no prohibited residues can be found in the leather. This we can say with a good conscience.

In addition, we offer a variety of vegan shoes with materials that do not contain any animal parts. This helps us to improve our ecological contribution to our environment. 

Our top-selling vegan shoes are the Biel Purple and the Meilen Black-Grey.

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