Fall prevention

Gentle training for better mobility

Some 90 per cent of all osteoporotic fractures are caused by falls. Training on a kybu mat is effective in preventing falls.

Simple exercises on the springy elastic surface strengthens your deep inner muscles and improve your posture. Many elderly people have a fear of falling. Training on the kybun mat improves balance and thereby increases stability when walking. Seniors in their 80s and 90s regularly train on the long kybun mats and enjoy healthy exercise. Small hurdles can be used to intensify training. Exercising on the elastic springy mats promotes well-being and is fun for everyone.

Residents at retirement homes in Steinach, Switzerland, and Rohrbach, Austria, have been successfully training with kybun equipment in order to stay fit. Improvements in mobility, coordination, stability and performance were observed after a short period of time. The more the residents practiced on the kybun mat course, the better the results.

Exercising daily on the kybun mat is a gentle and enjoyable way to improve mobility and physical well-being.

fall prevention for seniors on the kybun mat

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