Shoe Lace Clip (set of 6 pairs)

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Simply pull tight instead of tying your laces!

Attach the shoelace clip in just a few steps …

  • Squeeze the clip between your fingers and pull the shoelaces through the outer holes from below.
  • Push the shoelaces through the central hole from above. This should leave two loops, each about two finger-widths in size.
  • Tie the shoelaces together in a small, neat knot.
  • To tighten, pull the flaps on the clip; to unfasten, squeeze the clip and lift up.
  • The rest of the shoelaces can be removed with a pair of scissors as required.

… and you can take your shoes on and off with no great effort at all.

Bundled as 6 clips pairs (fits 6 pairs of shoes)

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