kybun - the healthy alternative to arch supports

Address the cause of the discomfort with the kybun shoe

The majority of the complaints have their origin in reduced (foot) muscles and a reduction in the possible freedom of movement. Flat and hard floors as well as stabilizing orthopedic insoles limit the activity of the muscles and prevent the foot from actively rolling. As a result, the whole body is put under strain and pain is inevitable. The elastic, springy kybun shoes bring the natural soil right under your feet. You can actively roll again and the whole body is physiologically exercised. At the same time, the activity on the elastic, springy surface trains the deep muscles.

Try a kybun shoe without risk


Try the Swiss air cushion shoe without obligation.

Do you have any doubts about how it works? No problem, we are absolutely convinced of our product. Come to our shop in Ridgeland and see for yourself how the soft, elastic sole works and how it feels. Experience pain relief instantly. Getting pain free has never been easier.

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Advantages and mode of action

  • No punctual pressure points due to the elastic, springy sole
  • Optimized pressure distribution
  • Walking like on clouds
  • Relief of the painful areas
  • More mobility instead of pure stability
  • Training of the foot muscles
  • Increased blood flow to the painful area and thus accelerated healing
  • More freedom of movement compared to conventional orthopedic insoles