The new kybun shoe! From the inventor of MBT

From the rolling shoe to the 'walk-on-air' sensation

Learning a new walking technique, as wearers did in the MBT, is a thing of the past. With kybun shoes you can experience the unique walk-on-air feeling immediately. "In kybun, you don't walk: you float. The walk-on-air feeling is unique", explains Karl Müller. Inside the kybun shoe, the foot rests directly on a springy, elastic sole, which provides the foot with maximum freedom of movement. This elasticity and flexibility in all directions is excellent training for the musculature and you feel how well it absorbs, shocks and adapts to your feet. Whether at work or at home, on a hike, walking around town, kybun shoes are so comfortable to wear that you’ll never want to take them off.

Advantages and positive effects:
  • No more tired and heavy legs
  • Relieves strain on your back
  • Exercises the muscles in your feet, legs and body
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Kind on the joints
  • Stimulates foot receptors

Get your own kybun shoe

You are just one step away from a healthy and painfree lifestyle. In kybun shoes you walk on a soft, supple air cushion. You feel light as a feather and have a tremendous sense of pleasure. You will be a convert from the first step, and every further step you take will persuade you more. Have a look at our online shop.

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Still undecided? No problem, we are totally convinced about the benefits of our kybun shoes. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to get a kybun trial shoe and convince yourself about the effects of the elastic springy material. Get a kybun trial shoe for 2 weeks for just $30. It has never been easier to get pain free.

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