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kySsen, the kybun pillow 50 x 30 x 11/7cm
extremely soft and highly elastic-kySsen ensures a restful sleep. Thanks to the rapid rebound, you'll never get "stuck" in one position.

Discover the latest sleep technology with the kySsen from kybun. This innovative sleep aid is extremely soft but still highly supple. 

Stop getting „locked“ in a position 

Conventional pillows have a memory effect, so once you fall into one position, you become „locked“ into it. Most people know that feeling of being „locked“ in a position from spending a long time sitting in the car or falling asleep in your chair, if your head is at a „funny“ angle when falling asleep. The kySsen, however, stops this from happening; its springiness means it supports what- ever unconscious movements you make in your sleep. 

Helps relax your neck 

The soft and supple vibrations stop your muscles from stiffening up and help your neck relax as you sleep. kybun follows up its successful solutions for standing – the kyBounder – with this health-conscious bedtime solution. 

Everything you need to know about the kySsen 

The body needs to become accustomed to this new sleep technology. You may have some initial reactions such as restless sleep or increased tension. After just a few days, these first reactions disappear and your body feels the positive effects. While your neck once stiffened during the night, the gentle movements now allow you to wake up relaxed and fit. The kySsen makes the night a time for blissful sleep. 

  • Relieves tension
  • Stops you getting „locked“ into one position Pleasantly springy
  • Optimal physical recuperation
  • Odourless
  • Handmade, washable cover
  • Swiss quality

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