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kybun for therapy treatment

The kyBounder and the kyBoot are especially well suited to rehabilitation and therapy. The soft surface constantly encourages the body to stay active, strengthening the muscles in the feet and trunk, as well as deep muscles.

Effective exercise on the kyBounder
Dr Thomas Bochdanksy, head of the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the regional hospital in Feldkirch, Austria, investigated the effect of the kyBounder. The study showed that exercise on the kyBounder stimulates postural stability far more than on a conventional PVC mat. This intensive way of improving your balance boosts the functions of the deep muscles and also helps reduce pain, especially in the lumbar vertebrae. Walking and running on the kyBounder softens the impact on your joints, stretches and strengthens your deep muscles and improves your coordination.

Doctors and therapists recommend the kyBoot
The kyBoot's soft, supple air cushion absorbs heavy impacts as you walk, is kind on your joints and can relieve pain. Andreas Gösele-Koppenburg, head of the Swiss Olympic Medical Center and Medical Director of the Crossklinik in Basel, is impressed by the 'walk on air' sole’s excellent shock-absorbing qualities and full range of movement. During his sports medicine work with the Swiss bobsled team in Canada, he carried out intensive tests on the shoes during everyday use and light sports activities. Dr Gösele-Koppenburg classes the kyBoot as extremely comfortable to wear, as it can be worn comfortably for hours at a time. The renowned sports physician also recommends the shoes to patients with malpositions of the feet (e.g. high arches, flat or splayed feet) as many people can walk in kyBoot shoes without pain, even without insoles. Erika Wissmann, an expert in craniosacral and spiral therapy, recommends kyBoot shoes to relieve pain for bunion sufferers. The ‘walk on air’ sole allows the foot to sink deep into the honeycombed air cushioning, distributing pressure throughout the surface of the foot and allowing wearers to walk comfortably and free of pain.

Proprioceptive exercise
Dr Konrad Birrer, SGSM senior physician for surgery and sports medicine (Lucerne, Switzerland), points out the importance of proprioception (our sense of our body's movements and relative position) and proprioceptive exercise to prevent injury. kyBoot shoes are an effective tool for this type of exercise. The shoes are extremely comfortable and can be worn all the time. The unstable sole helps strengthen the muscular system. He particularly recommends the kyBoot following injuries to the lower extremities, for jobs in standing positions, for sportspeople and for the elderly, to prevent falls.

kybun can be used for therapy and exercise in these cases:

  • back pain
  • lumbago
  • rheumatism
  • slipped discs
  • knee pain
  • heel spurs
  • heavy legs
  • scoliotic pelvis
  • joint pain
  • stress
  • walking difficulties in old age


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