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Fit and active for your whole life

Regular exercise protects against many age-related disorders. Physical activity also slows the biological ageing process. The kyBounder develops your balance and flexibility; your posture and gait visibly improve. This gentle exercise can easily be fitted into your day while you watch TV, do the ironing or cook.

Many people are afraid of falls, especially as they get older. Exercise on the kyBounder improves your balance, making you stabler when you walk. In old folks' homes in Switzerland, residents regularly exercise on the long kyBounder mats and make great progress. Small obstacles can be used to raise the intensity of exercise. Doing gymnastics on the soft kyBounder mats makes you feel good and is a lot of fun for everyone.

Everybody loves walking in kyBoot. They are so soft and kind on your feet that it feels like walking barefoot. kyBoot take the stress off your joints; pain in your feet and back seems to vanish.

Effects and benefits:

• can relieve back pain
• relaxes your muscles
• improves posture
• strengthens stabilizing muscular system
• makes you feel better
• helps prevent falls in the elderly
• improves stability

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