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Greater concentration from standing in lessons

Children have a natural urge to move about. In school, however, they are told to sit still – for several hours a day. Many children feel hemmed in by this situation. They rock their chairs, cannot concentrate and are often labeled as fidgets.

The kyBounder simulates a soft, flexible surface. The floating feeling of a springy kyBounder activates a large number of muscles. Standing on this soft, supple, springy surface means muscles from your head to your feet have to work to keep a natural, upright posture. At a high desk, the poor, bowed posture of a sitting position is a thing of the past. Research shows that moderate bouncy movement of this type during learning activities improves children’s receptiveness, reduces stress and improves creativity.

Effects and benefits

• more concentrated learning
• greater creativity
• combining moderate activity and mental exercise raises ability to learn
• improves posture
• improves coordination and proprioception
• makes you feel better
• burns plenty of calories, even during lessons
• lots of fun
• can help with hyperactivity

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