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kybun gets things moving at the workplace

The revolutionary kybun activity concept is a simple way to make your workplace more ergonomic. Many office workers suffer from tenseness, imbalances and back pain. One reason for these physical complaints is spending long periods sitting.

Upright, active work on the soft, supple and springy kyBounder is the healthy alternative to passive sitting. The soft, supple structure encourages the muscles of feet and legs into constant, minute movements to maintain balance and posture.

Studies have shown that combining mental work with moderate activity improves people's performance and raises their concentration. On the kyBounder you are more creative and receptive, and still feel fit in the evening.

The kyBoot is suitable for people who stand for long periods at work. What is special about this world innovation is its 'walk on air' sole. The 'walk on air' sole provides perfect shock absorption and noticeably relieves strain on your body. You will be a convert from the first step, and every further step you take will persuade you more. Feel better at the workplace.


Effects and benefits:

• relaxes the muscles
• improves posture
• can be effective against back pain
• reduces fatigue
• work more efficiently thanks to a combination of activity and mental exercise
• improves creativity and ability to learn
• raises your general fitness level in no extra time
• good fun

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