Chronic Polyarthritis/ Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Chronic polyarthritis is one of the most common chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases. If left untreated, it can destroy the joints and lead to severe disabilities.

kybun products gently mobilise your joints when walking and standing, particularly the foot, knee and hip joints and the back. This way, you can integrate preventative training into your daily routine and counteract wear and tear on the joints in the long term.


Polyarthritis refers to inflammation in five or more joints.

The symptoms of patients with chronic polyarthritis may develop gradually at first. Intermittent joint pain dominates at night and causes sleep loss in the early hours of the morning. This leads to swelling of the joints with redness and overheating and, in particular, stiffness in the morning, which is an important factor for rheumatologists when it comes to distinguishing ‘simple’ arthrotic joint pain from inflammatory arthritic joint pain. This joint pain eventually affects many joints (polyarthritis!). This usually happens in a symmetrical expression on the left and right sides of the body, and hands and finger joints are all affected.

The kybun principle of operation – be proactive

The kyBounder and kyBoot are ideal for bringing more movement into everyday life and escaping the downward spiral of arthritis – all without spending any additional time. Acute pain is alleviated and, thanks to the more gentle loads on the joints, walking longer distances is possible once again.

The soft, elastic foam material acts as a ‘crumple zone’, greatly dampening the impact on joints when running and walking.

Movement becomes more comfortable again and joint pain is reduced, usually after just a few minutes. Those who like to exercise frequently find it much easier to shed extra pounds, which in turn reduces strain on the joints. Nearly all customers affected by osteoarthritis report a reduction in pain since they started wearing the kyBoot.

Gentle, regular movement of the affected joints is the main factor that determines successful therapy, which means the kyBoot/kyBounder can be a big help. After all, people who are in pain avoid moving, thereby making the joints even stiffer and more painful. This is a vicious circle, a downward spiral.
As described above, kybun products relieve the joints, thereby allowing you to move gently and with less pain. You can quickly feel relief when walking if your feet are affected by polyarthritis.

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