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A better handicap thanks to the kyBounder

improve your golf with kybounderCore stability and good coordination are essential for golf. Yet this is where many players’ weaknesses emerge. 
The soft, springy kyBounder mat allows any golfer to simply and effectively improve their body rotation and balance. Exercises and swing training are particularly effective when performed barefoot on the kyBounder. The instability of the springy mat strengthens body perception and balance. Regular exercise sessions on the kyBounder result in significantly better core stability. The kyBounder allows muscles to quickly regenerate after a round on the golf course. 

Many professional golfers incorporate the kyBounder into their training and are impressed by the advantages it has on offer.

“Regularly practicing on the kyBounder allows you to significantly increase your core stability as well as improve movement and control when hitting the ball. You can’t get a better handicap without core stability and balance,” says Steve Anders, qualified professional golfer, member of the PGA of Germany and coach at Jura Golf Park and the Golf Academy in Hiltzhofen, Germany.

In short, golfers can use the kyBounder to improve their timing in terms of the entire game.

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