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Jogging in kyBoot shoes

Jogging is a form of endurance training that increases physical stamina and the efficiency of your body. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system.

High demands on the body
Jogging puts a tremendous physical strain on your body and this takes some time to get used to. Jogging in normal running shoes on hard surfaces can damage tendons, ligaments and joints due to overstraining. kyBoot shoes can successfully counteract this. kyBoot shoes are perfectly suited for running thanks to their soft, bouncy air-cushion soles.

Even more efficient: Micro-interval walking
We recommend micro-interval walking as a highly efficient training method. The intervals between walking slowly and ‘lightly floating’ last between 15 and 30 seconds.

This change in speed is not only fun, but also highly efficient:

The ‘lightly floating’ phase activates the cardiovascular system and relaxes your muscles.
The ‘walking slowly’ phase regenerates the cardiovascular system and trains your coordination (small muscles). The slower you move, the better, because this way, you rest for a longer period of time on one foot while wearing the flexible, soft, bouncy kyBoot shoes.

Sport without pain
We are certain that there is no healthier exercise that benefits the entire body than micro-interval walking. It is important that you only float lightly for approximately 15 seconds and walk slowly until your pulse has sufficiently recovered. This allows you to optimally burn fat.

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