Skiing and snowboarding

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Fit for winter sports

Snow sports exert tremendous force on the knees, feet and back. For this reason, it is important for winter sports athletes to train their joints and muscles throughout the year. This helps prevent injuries. kyBoot shoes are the ideal training device.

“kyBoot shoes are the best training device for winter sports athletes,” says Franz Heinzer, world champion in downhill skiing and coach of the Swiss ski team.

The soft, elastic air-cushion soles make the body work to maintain balance with every step. This strengthens the deep inner muscles. It’s possible to integrate this training into your everyday work life simply by wearing the shoes regularly. KyBoot shoes are not only a great training tool, they can also be used for rehabilitation.

After a day spent wearing tight ski or snowboarding boots, putting on a pair of kyBoot shoes is a real pleasure for the feet. The non-slips soles also provide a secure grip. The unique foot climate system ensures optimal moisture and temperature regulation. The air sole is also particularly well insulated, meaning that your feet always remain comfortably warm.

Franz Heinzer, world champion in downhill skiing

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