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kybun for competitive sport

Sports doctors recommend regularly strengthening the deep muscles in order to optimally prepare yourself for competition. Only active, strengthened muscles can provide protection against damage to ligaments, tendons, and joints. Usually, only the large muscle groups are exercised regularly and the small, delicate segments are often neglected. This unnecessarily increases the risk of an injury.

Top athletes train hard and often and unfortunately, they only train in one way in most cases. Depending on the sport, many athletes suffer from long-term, irreparable injuries after their careers. These injuries are often due to extreme, repetitive strain to specific parts of the body.

Fortunately, this is increasingly being prevented and physiotherapists are paying more attention to gentle training methods for handball players, soccer players or track and field athletes. Alongside endurance and strength training, it is also important to train and stabilize the deep muscle groups. Using the kyBounder allows you to benefit from gentle intramuscular training, which is the ideal supplement to the further training program of any top-class sport. kyBoot shoes and the kyBounder help you actively recover after hard training or competition.

kybun is a leader in the fields of performance improvement, injury therapy, prevention, and regeneration.

Effect and benefits:

  • Exercises muscles
  • Improves coordination
  • Increases the supply of blood to the muscles
  • Actively regenerates
  • Prevents injuries

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