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kybun sports

Effective training and active regeneration

It is possible to increase stamina and fitness with minimal effort thanks to the soft, springy kyBounder mat. The flexible surface gets the body moving. The small movements relax and strengthen the muscles, stimulate metabolism and train the autonomic nervous system.

Exercises on the kyBounder are suitable for both hobby sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. Small movements are intensified on the kyBounder, increasing physical and mental well-being after a short period of time. The intense movement of deep muscle groups stimulates circulation. A mixture of endurance, strength and coordination training is the key to a good time.

The kybun micro-interval method on the kyTrainer switches between exercise and recovery every 15 seconds. These brief intervals prevent the over- acidification of the muscles. This way, lactic acid does not build up while you exercise. Exercise is always followed by a recovery period of the same length of time or even longer. These factors ensure that your body barely tires, even though it is actively doing intensive exercises.

kybun strengthens your muscles and brings balance to your everyday life.

Benefits and effect:

  • Exercises muscles
  • Improves coordination
  • Increases the supply of blood to the muscles
  • Actively regenerates
  • Prevents injuries

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