A first in Germany: kybun in the classroom at Neumark secondary school

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Neumark secondary school has created the first kybun classroom in Germany. It was unveiled to pupils and teachers during an open day on 12 January 2008. The new standing concept fits in perfectly with the school’s motto: ‘Modern, successful learning in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere’.

Advantages of kybun in the classroom:

Standing in the classroom results in improvements in intelligence: Even simply swaying on the soft kyBounder mat activates a range of different muscles and areas of the brain.

Standing in the classroom aids weight loss: Continuously moving on the soft, springy mat burns more energy than when sitting in a passive position. This actively helps you lose excess weight. The kybun equipment also prevents restlessness and relieves the constant need to move that comes with hyperactivity. At the same time, gently standing also counteracts poor posture.

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