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kyBoot shoes – Your reliable travel companion

Whether it’s for your next trip to Asia, trekking in South America, hiking along the French pilgrim route or photographing the Northern lights in Norway, your kyBoot shoes are the perfect travel companion.

Incredible grip on a range of terrain
Hikers and trekking enthusiasts have confirmed that kyBoot shoes always give you a secure foothold. “I wore a pair of kybun’s Caviar shoes for an eight-week hike through Guatemala and Cuba in the spring of 2010,” says Christoph Reichert. “The last six weeks of the trip were filled with rain, snow, mud, and countless rocky terrains in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. They are the best hiking shoes that I’ve ever had. I didn’t have any blisters, even walking for six to eight hours with a full rucksack. They were simply fantastic, even in wet conditions,” he says in praise of the shoes.

Wearing kyBoot feels like walking on air. I wear them while traveling and it makes walking long distances an ease. Best part was I wore the kyBoot during the entire Singapore F1 race. Being a volunteer marshal, I need to be alert, on our feet, standing and walking for 15 hours every day for the entire race weekend. Wearing the kyBoot made this experience very enjoyable as I felt much less fatigue.
Randy Ang, Director at In Touch Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore Randy Ang, Director at In Touch Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore

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