Stand and deliver with kybun mats

Stand and deliver with kybun mats

Rony says: «I feel much more energetic throughout the day and less tired in the evenings, it's that simple.»


By the age of 20, Rony Hanselmann had already been nominated into his national football team, Liechtenstein, and was on the verge of signing a professional contract. At 21 however, and, after years of tireless dedication to the sport, he made the huge decision to turn his back on the game he loved.

Fortunately, Rony is wise beyond his years and has a pragmatic approach to life. His plan B meant he still had his job at the bank. Almost a decade later, Rony faced his next crossroads in life. He decided to leave a steady and secure career in banking and pursue an exciting new marketing challenge at the Swiss health shoe company kybun.

Rony has maintained his fitness and interest in healthy living and in kybun, he sees the massive potential for products that improve people’s wellbeing. The opportunity to stand at work on an elastic springy kybun mat was another challenge he couldn’t refuse.

After the first month of standing every day in his new office, Rony is convinced that the concept of dynamic standing can play a part in everybody’s work life. It's a win-win situation and he puts the smooth transition down to a simple regime of daily stretching exercises.

The advantages of kybun:

Allows freedom of movement, but gives the foot necessary support

Activates all the muscles in the feet making them more effective

Promotes a natural walking gait in harmony with the musculoskeletal system

Distributes the weight of the body evenly on the feet to avoid overloading

Promotes a good balance, which reduces the risk of falling


With kybun products, you can optimize your work-life balance to become more healthy and energetic and, wherever you go, the mat goes with you.

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