One mat like no other: the kybun standing mat!

One mat like no other: the kybun standing mat!

The kybun mat is an elastic springy mat like no other. Its reactive rebound-effect allows the foot to sink in deep and springs straight back to its original position. The kybun mat encourages the body into constant, minute movements to maintain balance and posture. The rebound-effect causes the muscles to tense and relax simultaneously, exercising the muscles in your feet, legs and trunk. The kybun mat improves balance, coordination and all-round fitness without taking up any extra time at all. All exercises can be done at home or at your workplace.

Usage examples for kybun mats:

Stand comfortably on a soft surface while wearing shoes or safety shoes (steel toe shoes) The kybun mat with rubber coating has a thickness of 2 cm in this picture and is ideal if your everyday work requires you to spend long periods of time standing on hard surfaces – if you stand at a bank counter or a sales counter, or if you wear safety shoes and stand at a workbench. Thanks to its special coating, it is water repellent and easy to clean. This means it can be used when wearing shoes.


Playing video games at home, staying active. Instead of passively sitting at a desk or a table while playing, you can stay active, get exercise in and allow your body to stay healthy. The mat with removable cover offers the option cleaning to wash the cover.


At work standing long hours. Get rid of tired and heavy legs and train your muscles at the same time. Long hours in front of a massage table, hairdressing chair or front desk can be used to exercise deep tissue, muscles and lose weight at work.


At the office, staying focused and vital, even after a long day. Avoid the after-lunch energy low and exercise without a lot of effort. Standing at a standing desk with a kybun mat is protecting your joints, trains your muscles and gives you the good feeling that you keep your body healthy.


During physical therapy to accelerate recovery and maximize the therapeutic effect. Perform exercises during recovery and enjoy the benefits of the elastic-springy kybun mat.


In school to stay alert, keep up good concentration and stay balanced and calm. School rooms with standing desks and mats are welcoming and make for a dynamic learning environment.


Household chores have to be tackled by all of us, but with your kybun mat, you can stay active and stay energetic. Simple tasks like ironing, watching a video or cooking can be accompanied by active standing and training your muscles.


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