kybun and Joya to merge

kybun and Joya to merge

Your benefit: A merger between two of the world market leaders in health footwear will enable us to offer you more comprehensive solutions in the future. 

This merger will allow kybun and Joya to expand their global market presence. The two established brands will now be managed under the umbrella of the kybun Joya Group. The new management team of the kybun Joya Group - Urs Koller, Markus Bartholet, Karl Müller and Claudio Minder - recognizes the added value for partners and customers that will result from the joint synergies.

In the longer term, the group aims to achieve greater market coverage and increase the sales of health shoes and associated products in the area of healthy walking and standing. Particularly at a time when more people than ever are appreciating the importance of a natural gait and thanks to kybun and Joya shoes are able to enjoy a fit and pain-free life.


A New Era Begins

The foundation stone for the health shoe dynasty was laid in 1997 when Karl Müller III launched the MBT shoe and revolutionized the shoe industry with the «rolling sole». In 2006, he sold the MBT brand rights, but three years later launched the kybun air-cushion shoe, bringing industrial shoe production back to Switzerland.

At the end of 2020, he announced his retirement as CEO and handed over the management to Urs Koller. From this point on, Karl Müller III concentrated on the chairmanship of the board of directors and the strategic management of kybun AG. Now approaching his 70th birthday, he is stepping down from this position as well, transferring overall responsibility to his son Karl IV (founder of Joya shoes).


The merger provides the foundation for a new shoe era and a strengthening of the company as the global market leader in health footwear.

kybun and Joya merge to form the kybun Joya Group

The kybun Joya Group continues to specialise in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of elastic springy health shoes and health solutions. In addition, a special focus will be placed on the manufacture of Swiss quality footwear in Sennwald. The kybun Joya Group brands include:


We would like to thank you for your valued customer loyalty and remain focused on providing you with a pain-free life of healthy exercise in the future.

Your kybun team

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