Introducing our medical advisory

Introducing our medical advisory

We at kybun strive to deliver pain-free solutions to as many as possible. With thousands of shoes sold in the United States last year, we are on a good path to helping people ease their symptoms and improve their all-over health.

But what happens, if you are not sure whether kybun can help with your symptoms?

We have two convenient ways of informing our customers about medical conditions and how kybun can improve their health.

One way is our medical advisory page. This comprehensive overview of medical conditions answers a lot of questions about symptoms and specific diseases. Customers can take their time to read through the articles and gather the needed information. You can find the medical advisory in the navigation bar of our web-shop.

The second way is to get personalized health advise through the contact form on the medical advisory. We have medical professionals in Switzerland who assess all requests that are being submitted. With their suggestions, we offer our customers tailored advise on how kybun can help with symptoms and improve quality of life.


If you would like to get in touch with us about your health questions, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

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