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kybun shoes are widely known to help with a large number of health issues and offer pain-free solutions to many. Few know that kybun shoes and mats have much more to offer. Both products are great assets to help you lose weight & create healthy habits! Yes, kybun can help you lose excess pounds without spending any additional time and regain your joy of movement along the way.


Walking comfortably in the elastic-springy kybun shoe or standing on the kybun mat allows you to exercise with less or even no effort and experience numerous other positive effects on your body, such as toning and shaping of your muscle groups. Not to mention, you burn extra calories and can lose weight which has additional health benefits for diabetes, osteoarthritis, blood pressure and so much more. Most customers start to experience the effectiveness of kybun products after two weeks. Some engage in kybun exercises, such as "Swiss Natural Walking" to boost the effect.


You can feel better and healthier simply by wearing kybun shoes during your everyday activities, while standing on a kybun mat at work or at home doing household chores. It’s like a constant workout for your body.


Sounds too good to be true, we know. But here is the science behind it.


The elastic-springy PU material allows your feet to sink in deeply while walking or standing and encourages the body into constant, minute movements to maintain balance and posture. The rebound-effect causes the muscles to tense and relax simultaneously, exercising the muscles in your feet, legs and lower body. Even if you don’t move, kybun products will make your muscles and body move!


The very elastic sole allows the foot maximum freedom of movement in all directions. The elasticity provides a high coordinative training effect and natural foot movements help to balance the posture and keep your body and muscles in constant movement. This gently strains the muscles and joints.


The same goes for the mat. The kybun mat improves your balance, coordination and all-round fitness without taking up any extra time at all.


100 years ago, humankind walked 15 kilometers a day, today just 800 meters on average. In the present time people spent the day mostly sitting. This does not only lead to an insufficient training of the foot but also to shortening of muscles, disbalances and tensions in the entire body. Daily exercise is essential for strong feet.

Civilized people move on flat surfaces in mostly flat and hard-soled footwear. This limits the mobility of the foot joint and when the foot is limited in its mobility the hip compensates in order to still move fast and forcefully. This causes gait issues.



The kybun movement concept fills in all the gaps. kybun products improve your gait and balance, coordination, muscle strength and overall fitness without taking up any extra time at all. Other benefits are shock absorption and reduced fatigue even after long days on your feet.


With kybun products you can naturally exercise and lose weight at work, at home, in school, in all fields of life and boost the calories burned during your workout. Try it today and become a member of the kybun family.


Here is what our customers have to say…


Elisa H.

Verified Reviewer


These shoes fit right. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I noticed my calf muscles are getting firmer, no pain even with the 12 hour shift walking around most of the time. I so love it!


John H.

Verified Buyer


I have several pairs of Kybun shoes, different styles for different occasions. They are the only brand of shoe I wear now. I discovered them about two years ago and they have made a huge difference in my ability to walk. They improve my posture, strengthen my legs and knees and ankles and have had a big impact on my health overall. My wife and three children all wear them, and a number of friends and relatives wear them too.


Scott S.

Verified Buyer


Absolutely love the muscle recruitment as a result of walking in these shoes..!! Will definitely purchase more in the future..!!


Leslie L.

Verified Buyer


These are the most supportive and comfortable boots I’ve ever purchased. They are so well made that I expect they’ll last for years. I had MTP surgery 8 months ago and bought my first Kybun shoes then. Honestly, I credit them for helping me get in shape again. It’s a little daunting to spend so much on a pair of boots, UNTIL YOU GET THEM and then can see for yourself that they’re beautifully made and of very high quality. Great job Kybun.

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