Heinz Egli takes kybun on a journey along the Via Alpina

Posted by Annika Heitmann on

kybun fanatic Heinz Egli takes kybun on a journey along the famous Via Alpina red hiking trail in Switzerland.

Activity throughout the years knows no limits for Heinz Egli. In June 2021 kybun enthusiast Heinz Egli has started his hike of the famous Via Alpina red trail. His goal is to finish in October 2021 having hiked a total of 1,500 km, crossing six countries on foot. His route will take him through Switzerland, Italy, through the Principality of Lichtenstein to Germany, continuing to Austria and Slovenia before he reaches his final destination in Trieste. 

He swears by his Matterhorn 20 Dark Blue hiking boots for rugged terrain and his Pado Black Sandals for warm days and flat trails. His kybun shoes have kept him fit and active during his hiking adventures, he wouldn't want to trade them for a thing. 

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