Exercise on the kyBounder - Basic Moves for Work and Home

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The kybun exercises for the kyBounder can prevent physical complaints and initial reactions, or even reduce existing problems if carried out alongside other treatments.

When you move quickly, for example when you bounce or gently jog, tiny muscle signals travel through your body, loosening your muscles. When you move slowly this activates and exercises your deep muscles and coordination.

We recommend switching between fast and slow movements roughly every 15­–30 seconds. The idea of switching from one to the other is to break physiologically detrimental habits and have a positive effect on your posture.

The exercises can be carried out at any time of day, on their own or while doing something else, giving you the chance to do your body a favor while getting on with your work.

The following exercises have proven the simplest and most effective:

For Additional Basic Exercises - see below

For Video Exercises click here

 Rock back and forth on your feet
  •  Rock back and forth for 30 seconds at a time, keeping your knees extended and actively stretching your forefoot towards you
  • Break
  • Repeat


  • Rock your feet back and forth in opposite directions towards each other while in a lunge position

Quickly bounce on the mat

  • Jump 1 cm high at a high frequency
  • Keep the knees extended
  • Bounce for 20 seconds
  • Break
  • Repeat

Circle your feet

  • Shift your bodyweight onto your heels (image 1).
  • Next, circle your bodyweight to the outer right of your foot (image 2), the outer left (image 3) and then back to the heel (image 4).


  • Circle your feet in the other direction
  • Circle your feet in opposite directions towards each other

Sway from side to side

  • Shift your weight from your right foot (image 1) to your left foot (image 2).
  • Switching quickly at the start, then slow down until you reach slow-motion speed.


  • Switch in 5 or 10 second intervals.

Move your hips back and forth


  • Place your feet six inches apart
  • Grasp your pelvic bone with your thumb and index finger
  • Take turns in shifting your body weight on your right and left foot
  • Take a break after 20 seconds
  • Repeat


  • Shift your entire body weight onto your heels
  • Grab at the air with your hands (as if climbing a ladder)
  • Take a break after 20 seconds
  • Repeat

Balance on one leg

  • Balance on one leg with the knee extended
  • After 20 seconds, switch and balance on the other leg
  • Break
  • Repeat


  • Stretch out your arms to the side and move them in circles
  • Stretch your arms up vertically and rock slightly back and forth

Grip with your toes

  • Heels on the back edge of the surface
  • Grip your toes and edge forward in this manner


  • Pick up objects (for example, a pen or tissue) with the toes on your right foot and pass them over to the toes on your left foot
  • Try it vice versa from left to right

Go backwards

  • Place your weight on the forefoot of one leg to relieve the other leg and swing your other foot backwards.
  • Put your foot and leg down on your forefoot and now bring the forward leg back.

Try during virtually all exercises

  • Complete your exercises with your eyes closed

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