Interval walking - walk away from the pain

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kybun interval walking involves alternating between two different phases every 15 seconds. In the intensive phase, minor muscle impulses pass through the body and relax the musculature. In the regenerative phase, the core muscles are activated and trained. This allows most people to reduce the pain experienced when walking. The duration and intensity of the workout can be adapted to personal fitness and preference.

No more worry about relieving postures

The kyBoot’s soft, elastic sole corrects relieving and improper postures. It soothes the joints, relieving movement pain and relaxing the back. This promotes circulation and joint mobilization, increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscles and tendons and accelerating the removal of waste materials resulting from injury or inflammation.

What can I expect from kybun interval walking?

  • Easing of movement pain
  • Gentle joint mobilization
  • Relaxing the back
  • Prevention/reduction of initial reactions
  • Core musculature training
  • Straightening the posture
  • Healthy gait
  • Conditioning adjustments
  • Improvement of leg coordination and reaction speed
  • Prevention/reduction of improper postures
  • Improvement of sensomotoric ability and proprioception

Who benefits from interval walking?

Those who suffer physical complaints stand to benefit a great deal from these simple movement exercises. The objective: Free yourself from the downward spiral of pain and movement impairment.

Interval walking exercises can also be performed as a complement to other treatment. If you have questions, members of kybun’s scientific team are always available to help you.

If you want to be able to move more consciously during your everyday routine, you will be delighted with interval walking. Step by step, you will achieve your goal of automatically moving more during your daily routine without a conscious impulse (‘I have to move now!’).

Variations for tailored interval walking
Interval walking is suitable with a wide range of complaints, and its adaptability to individual requirements is almost limitless.

  • Neck/back variation: Completely relaxing the arms and allowing them to hang at the sides during the intensive phase increases the loosening and relaxing effect in the back and especially in the neck and shoulder area.
  • Backwards variation: For those who suffer knee complaints or have knee problems in the kyBoot, it is a good idea to perform the regenerative interval backwards. During backwards walking, the foot rolls over its front, which is more flexible than the heel and offers more surface for contact with the ground/floor, making it easier for the musculature to stabilize the knee joint.
  • Alternative regenerative phase variation: If at first the balance and stability are insufficient to achieve long periods of standing on one leg, the standing phase can be prolonged between steps.

Interval walking

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