Running Injuries? This Is What You Need To Know About Your Foot Health

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"We have unfortunately forgotten how important our feet are," says physiotherapist Sarah Parker.

"They tell our brain what's going on under us to guide biomechanics. We've put rubber soles between our feet and the ground and bound them so tightly that they can't move as they should. Our feet have hundreds of joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that are meant to move and adapt to the surfaces to tell our brain what's going on. You can tell a lot about a body by how the feet are!"

While Parker specializes in pelvic health, there is a link to the feet which is surprisingly relevant.

"The feet are right next to the genitals on the hermunculus - I call it 'her' because it's always been a [map of a] man - sexist. And Hebbs law says things that fire together wire together. So, I always work on feet as well." Most common problems If the feet are out of whack, it's likely to have an impact on the rest of the body, albeit different for each person.

"From back pain, knee pain and shin splints to plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and Morton's neuroma. Many people have simply squashed, achy, tired, weak feet from narrow toe boxes and cushioning." Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to feetWhen it comes to treating clients, physiotherapists, running coaches and even acupuncturists will start with their feet.

In TCM the feet are central to the whole body's treatment.

"It emphasizes the importance of looking after your feet, because feet literally keep you awake most of the time," Warburton says.

"In acupuncture, the main channels of the legs both end and begin at the feet and toes. The foot ball is a key zone; and the base of the big toe is an extremely important joint." While acupuncture can unlock restricted areas of the feet for improved flexibility, the effects are double when coupled with massage to improve circulation and soften fascia.

"The path of blood and fluid flowing down to the feet and circulating back up the legs is greatly helped if your feet are open and flexible." To further stimulate the feet's sole, Warburton advises "Getting an acupressure mat and playing it a bit every day," and "Regular self-massage, with good oils - create a regime for your feet that rivals that of you."

Keeping the toes down, moving from relaxed feet to strong active arches with flat arches, pushing against the band and down into the football.

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