Pain on the Bottom of Your Feet: Causes and Treatments

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As you walk and navigate your day, your feet support your body weight, so foot pain can cause havoc.

What causes you to have pain in the sole of your foot?

Knowing more about the anatomy of your foot can help you deal with issues such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and neuropathy.

Because your feet bear all of your body weight, a foot injury or complication can become quite painful. This can irritate your foot every time you stand.

Plantar fasciitis, one of the most common causes of foot pain, is one of the most common causes.

You may experience a sharp pain in your heel or elsewhere on the bottom of your foot when you first get out of bed.

Metatarsalgia is another factor that could be causing your foot pain.

Metatarsalgia patients frequently complain of pain and inflammation in the ball of their foot, just behind their toes.

Foot pain caused by peripheral neuropathy can also be attributed to your nervous system.

Metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis are caused by tissue inflammation, but millions of people suffer from nerve pain in their feet.

When these bones are injured, it causes pain at the bottom of the big toe.

Some people's foot pain goes away in a matter of days if they don't treat it.

Any type of foot pain that prevents you from going about your daily activities should be treated as a medical emergency.

Your doctor will most likely begin by performing a physical examination to determine the source of your foot pain.

While some foods have been promoted as miracle cures for inflammatory disorders such as plantar fasciitis, no food has been proven to be an effective treatment for foot pain.

Acupuncture and other complementary or alternative treatments can provide temporary pain relief for some patients' feet.

Millions of people suffer from foot pain in some form or another.

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