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This is a condition which may cause weakening knee pain and also pain in other body joints.

Specifically knee pain can affect your everyday life.

Too much stress on your knee joints can cause appalling pain, and to recover you need to rest.

We bring you a few simple yet effective exercises to help you along that way that will greatly improve your condition.

If you experience sharp knee joints, shooting, or sudden pain, you need to stop and talk to a doctor.

How to do it: Lie down and bend one knee on your back.

Now, raise it up slowly to the opposite knee height.

This will make the legs strong and the joints of your knees flexible.

Bend your knee, and lower to the floor the other foot.

Touch your toe lightly to the floor and rise upwards.

This workout strengthens the joints of the knee and ankle, and is also good for back pain.

Bend your knees, and slide down against the wall with your back and pelvis.

Not only will this make your knees strong and flexible but it will also build up your calf muscles.

How to do it: Stand up against the back of a sturdy chair, the back of a couch or even a balance wall.

Now raise the heels slowly as high as you can, and return to the starting position.

This is good for the muscles on the back of your thigh, too.

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