How To Get Rid of Foot and Heel Pain

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Meet Stacey Roberts, a physical therapist who recently opened a new wellness clinic with physical therapy.

Softwave is a new advanced technology offered by New You Health & Wellness.

The device has been approved by the FDA to treat pain, and today Nisha, one of Stacey's patients, will share her experience with the treatment for Plantar Fascitis.

Plantar Fascitis is a condition that can last a long time, but it can now be treated effectively and more quickly thanks to Softwave technology.

In most cases, it takes more than ten standard treatments to walk pain-free.

After the first treatment, Nisha was walking without a limp, walking 2.5 miles after three sessions, and running 2-3 miles after five visits.

New You Health & Wellness is offering a 49.00 introductory special for one treatment and a consultation to see if it will help.

You can download their free report "Five Steps to Eliminate Foot Pain" by clicking here.

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