How Can I Keep My Knees Healthy?

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Your knees carry you on many journeys throughout life, but they begin to show signs of wear and tear as we age or overuse them.

You can take steps to keep your knees healthy and maintain mobility throughout your life.

The anterior, posterior, medial, and lateral cruciate ligaments are the four main ligaments that help control movement and support the joint.

Post-traumatic osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that develops in the injured joint.

A physical injury to a joint can damage the cartilage and bone, altering the joint's mechanics and causing it to wear out faster.

Supportive shoes, kneeling pads, or braces can help to cushion your joints.

Maintaining a healthy BMI is a good goal to set for yourself in order to protect your joints.

Regular exercise can help protect your joints, but you must make sure you're doing the right type of activity and doing it correctly.

The exercises listed below can help you stay active while keeping your knees healthy.

Low-Impact Aerobic Activity Because even a simple step puts a lot of pressure on your knees, high-impact exercises refer to physical activities that have a lot of impact on your joints.

Low-impact exercises, on the other hand, have a lower impact on joints and are therefore easier on the body.

Strengthening Exercises A good foundation for healthy joints is strong muscles.

Strength training strengthens the muscles that support joints and helps the knee joint absorb some of the pressure.

Stretching keeps the muscles and ligaments that support the knee joint flexible and loose, reducing the risk of tears and further damage.

As you get older, your joints become stiffer, and increasing your range of motion is key to reducing joint pain, according to experts.

With age, joint laxity decreases, making it difficult to distinguish between aches and pains that are a normal part of aging and those that indicate injury or chronic disease.

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