Foot hurts when walking: Causes, treatment, and diagnosis

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The foot is made up of a lot of small bones that can cause a lot of pain if they get hurt or misaligned, or if the protective cushioning around them wears out.

Various problems can affect the foot, causing pain that gets worse with each step.

In this article, we'll look at some of the causes of foot pain while walking, as well as how to treat them.

This condition, which causes pain in the heel or bottom of the foot, is estimated to account for 15% of all foot problems.

When a person walks first thing in the morning, plantar fasciitis usually causes the most pain.

Stabbing pain in the heel and bottom of the foot, especially when walking and standing, is one of the symptoms.

The pain is most commonly felt in the ball of the foot, with burning and stinging sensations in the toes.

A sharp aching and burning pain on the ball of the foot is the most common symptom of metatarsalgia.

Typically, the pain is felt in the ball of the foot, just behind the toes.

An ache in the back of the leg or heel, as well as tenderness or stiffness in the foot, characterize the pain.

When the toe is hyperextended, as it is in a push-off position, the pain gets worse.

Pain and stiffness, particularly in the big toe, are symptoms of the condition.

When a person wears shoes, the pain can get worse, especially in the big and second toes.

Heel pad atrophy can cause pain, burning, and the formation of a callus on the heel, which is where the pain is usually felt.

Heel pain, swelling, and redness are caused by abnormal bone growth.

A number of medical conditions can result in discomfort and pain when walking.

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