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A daily dose of healthy activity

The kyBoot and kyBounder make your life healthier and more dynamic.

kyBoot: there's nothing more comfortable
With the slip-on kyBoot you can enjoy that 'walking on air' feeling even at home. You don't just walk in kyBoot; you float on a soft, supple honeycomb of air cushioning. Every step momentarily launches you into weightlessness. kyBoot take the strain off your back, strengthen your muscles and are kind on your joints. This perfect shoe for everyday is made with permeable netting to let your feet breathe.

kyBounder: your daily workout
The kyBounder is a springy, soft and supple standing mattress designed for daily use. Its reactive material allows the foot to sink in deep and springs right back to its original position - creating a unique floating sensation. It’s like an active memory foam for the feet. The kyBounder improves your balance, coordination and all-round core fitness without taking up any extra time at all. The kyBounder plus is also suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, with a water repellent, wipe-clean surface.

Effect of kyBounder and kyBoot

• strengthen muscles
• relieve tenseness
• improve posture
• improve general fitness
• reduce fatigue
• can relieve back pain
• kind on the joints

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